Pasatiempo: Grabados Oaxaqueños


Pasatiempo, October 25, 2019

The Mexican state of Oaxaca has long been a center for art. Stemming from the legacy of its popular artists, such as Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo, the region now has a thriving printmaking scene. In times of upheaval — such as in 2006, when a teachers’ strike led to a seven-month conflict between civilians and the military — printmaking has served as a tool and symbol of Oaxacan resistance. The exhibition Grabados Oaxaqueños highlights the works of six con temporary artists whose work exemplifies the vibrancy and vitality of Oaxacan printmaking: Alfonso Barrera, Alberto Cruz, Mirel Fraga, Daniel Hernández, Miguel Martinez, and Gabriela Morac.

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Alfonso Barrera

Alberto Cruz

Mirel Fraga

Daniel Hernández

Miguel Martinez

Gabriela Morac

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