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Baltan: Meet The Artist: Mirel Fraga
"When I am going to make a particular image I think about it a lot, I try to imagine what it could be that it does and I get a lot of inspiration from books of old botanical illustration, my main theme is nature, I like it too much together with the cosmic question, the universe and our relationship as human beings with everything."
Quixe: Alfonso Barrera & Polvoh Press
The work of Polvoh Press is noble since, by resorting to traditional printing and binding methods, it leads to each book telling not only a story through graphics, but of elaboration itself. Alfonso Barrera and Mirel Fraga are young people who travel to the production methods of the past to communicate their ideas and aesthetic bets.
Idilica Magazine: Polvoh Press
Polvoh Press is a publishing project that brings together multiple graphic printed publications in various techniques, ranging from digital printing and offset to the more elaborate, such as screen printing, lithography, Risograph and movable type. All are limited editions and made in Oaxaca. Polvoh consists of Mirel Fraga (designer and illustrator) and Alfonso Barrera (visual artist). As two people are eager for knowledge and gather images begin naturally just for the sake of collecting books and in 2012 formally began this project give as a platform to spread their artistic work.
Pasatiempo: Grabados Oaxaqueños
The Mexican state of Oaxaca has long been a center for art.
Albuquerque Journal North: Flowering Oaxacan art form comes to Santa Fe
Many Santa Fe collectors of folk art are familiar with Oaxaca, Mexico, because of its brightly colored wood carvings of animals, reptiles and fantastical creatures known as alebrijes, as well as for its black pottery and Zapotec rugs. But if Frank Rose gets his way, Oaxaca will gain more recognition in New Mexico for its printmaking.

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