A Creative Excuse is a podcast from Hecho a Mano wherein I, your captain on this ship, Frank Rose, interviews creative people in Santa Fe and beyond! Search for it on Apple podcasts or Google Play or use this direct link for whatever app you use. 

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Episode 8: Paula Wilson, Mike Lagg, & Kara Duval

Paula Wilson & Mike Lagg are artists living in Carrizozo, NM. Kara Duval is a dancer and bodyworker in Santa Fe, NM.

Episode 7: Tricia English

Tricia English is the Publisher of UNUM Magazine.

Episode 6: Terran Last Gun

Terran Last Gun is an artist and Amskapi Piikani (Blackfeet) citizen of Montana working in Santa Fe, NM.

Episode 5: Bob Ebendorf

Bob Ebendorf is a longtime jewelry-maker and educator with work in 26 museums worldwide.

Episode 4: Erin & Nina Elder

Erin & Nina Elder are sisters, artists, curators, and all around creative geniuses living in Albuquerque, NM.

Episode 3: Ian Kuali'i

Ian Kuali'i is a mixed-media artist residing in Santa Fe, NM.

Episode 2: Jared Weiss

Jared is a painter in Santa Fe, NM.

Episode 1: Lauren Tresp

Lauren is the Owner, Publisher, and Editor of THE Magazine in Santa Fe, NM.