Jose Angel Santiago (Juchitan, Oaxaca, 1990) is a visual artist whose work reflects, among many other topics, on the forms of nature, cosmic phenomena, the worldview of Zapotec culture and the visual culture fostered by social phenomena ( in particular those sourced at the COCEI movement in the 70s ). This artist has been interested in working in a radical way with different formats and techniques, such as mural painting, drawing, oil fresco, chalk and sanguine, and sometimes the use of common and ancient materials, along with high temperature ceramics and sculpture. Santiago's work experience can be considered a way of exploring various mythologies, especially those that intervene in the formation of the cosmos, hence his work is constantly influenced by the study of various visual cultures. 


From a very young age, Jose Angel Santiago has explored drawing and painting in all aspects as a way of expressing reality through his work being a mixture between the animal, plant and human kingdom. the work of this young artist has been presented, among other places, in the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca, in Galleria Quetzalli in Oaxaca Mexico, and in various museums and cities in the Mexican territory; also in England, Morocco, the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and in various countries of Southeast Asia. In 2017 he resided in the Villa de Arts de Rabat, Morocco, and has recently obtained the "New Mexican Painting" Prize in the United Kingdom.



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