Dear friends, we are excited to announce that beginning January 1, Hecho a Mano and Hecho Gallery will be merging under one roof at 129 W Palace Ave under one name: Hecho a Mano. It is bittersweet to be letting go of the space that birthed us, and allowed us to thrive (our Little Hecho), but while this move is one that is not our choice, it has become the way forward. For many, many reasons, consolidating all of our energy into one location will help us thrive even more. 


When I (Frank here, hello) started Hecho a Mano in 2019 I envisioned a gallery that could exist transcendent from the typical definitions of a commercial art space. How do you generate financial sustainability with affordable work? How can you create inclusivity while showing expensive art? Is it a gallery or a shop? Yes. 


Hecho Gallery branched off as an attempt to create a space to showcase artists I wanted to work with but whose work could not be exhibited effectively in 400 square feet. I am proud of what Hecho Gallery has become and yet, something has felt missing. It is essential to me that people are able to afford original art and I believe art is an intrinsically human need. We’ve been making it forever, you dont have to be special to make it, you dont have to be educated to connect with it - art is for everyone. The hierarchies created based on price, functionality, artistic training, and the like have never felt true to me. No doubt these exist, but no artwork is better than another based on these factors. The only thing that matters is whether you connect to it or not. 


Anyhow, enough philosophizing! Starting January 1, all the prints, paintings, mugs, jewelry, sculptures, and amazing artists will finally be together again. I am excited to present a space that holds it all in high esteem.


Our last party at 830 Canyon will be on Dec 24 during the farolito walk. There will be a sign on the door that says closed for a private party, but YOU are invited. Please come and give the space some love and give us hugs! Dec 26 will be our last day open for business at Canyon. Come find us downtown starting in 2024; we look forward to continuing to share good space and good stories together. 



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129 W Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501
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