Baltan: Meet The Artist: Mirel Fraga


Baltan: Meet the Artist: Mirel Fraga

How does your interest in illustration begin?

I studied design but I took several illustration classes in my career and I had been working professionally in the design and editorial area for 10 years, and the truth is that I did a lot of illustration at work such as logos and visual identity, and I did it as a illustration, it caught my attention too much and I expressed myself that way and after some time of analyzing what was happening in my profession I realized that my thing was more illustration. Right now I'm trying to experiment more with that and I think people realize when you like doing something in particular the most and that is why everything is happening, I am doing more books, I am working with other clients, I am doing my own things.

Do you feel better and more productive now that you are 100% dedicated to something you love?

Definitely, when I was doing design I enjoyed it a lot but when it had to do with some illustration such as a poster or images for a brochure or a book I enjoyed it much more, I feel that I was trying a lot more than necessary, so I think I really needed a catalyst that would help me make up my mind and about two years ago, in 2018, a situation happened in my family that was just that catalyst and made me realize that it was time to dare and jump in, so I started doing my own thing.And this particular year with all the pandemic situation many people are stopped in their projects and cannot hire other professionals as designers or whatever they require, it has been an opportunity to give more enthusiasm to personal work and I think it has paid off.

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