Leia Zumbro Interview


What’s in your collection?
Earrings are my favorite, but I also design bracelets, brooches and necklaces.

What is your process in creating these pieces?
First, I draw a loose sketch. Then, I form a wire and fuse it with brass. Finally, I clean it and seal it to make it wearable.

Whom do you envision wearing your work?
A fun-spirited person. It’s for the person who likes to wear jewelry and not afraid of big, funky pieces.

How often do you release new collections?
I’ve been working on my collection for about a year, so I’m still developing it. About every three to four months, I have been releasing a new body of work.

What gives you the most pleasure in your career as a jewelry designer?
My pieces don’t come alive until they’re on a person. So, I love when I get to see my designs on someone, and see them light up and they feel beautiful wearing it.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned?
Keep designing, keep moving and keep it fresh.

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