Why Printmaking?


I love the process, for me print making is very meditative, especially when I’m carving the block I could get lost for hours in the process. 


What music/books/artists are inspiring you lately?


Music is one of my biggest influencers in the studio. I love blasting music in all different genres, from classical, blues and jazz for their notes to rock, R&B and even rap, Music helps my creative juices flow and is definitely a big part of my creativity.

What is some of the best advice you were given as an artist?


I was first introduced to printmaking in high school. I had an amazing art teacher that showed me how Art can transport you to a different world. She’s also one that gave me one of the best advice I still carried to this day. She said “ There is only one person you need to please when you create art, and that is your self, Create art because of how it makes you feel not because of what people are going to think of it.” To this day I create art with that in mind.


If you could travel either back or forward in time for a day, what time would you visit and what would you do?


I am Mexican in background, with that in mind I would have love to see Tenochtitlán in its heyday. The Aztec were a highly advanced culture and I would have loved to see how the city worked pre-Colombian times.



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