The Potters Cast: Instagram Insights From a Potter’s Perspective


Have you ever looked at a piece of art or pottery and it has affected you so deeply that it made you tear up?

Yes, definitely. When I was in Portland at NCECA I went to the Portland Art Museum and I walked around the corner and in the room was a Dan Flavin piece. He was a minimalist sculptor in the 60s and 70s. He was the one that did, it’s like long fluorescent tubes or various colors, kind of arranged geometrically, they are really beautiful. I had no idea this piece was going to be in this museum and I walked around the corner and there was beautiful blue and yellow and this kind of pink color. I stood there for probably at least twenty minutes or half and hour. There is a point where you get overwhelmed. In school I had to write a paper about him and I loved his work and I had never seen it in person. So that was a pretty powerful experience.

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