"There was perhaps no greater public testament to Haaland's cultural pride than the outfits she chose for her swearing-in ceremonies. A video of her putting on her traditional Laguna moccasins even went viral on social media. 'For my congressional swearing-in, I wore my manta and my traditional Pueblo clothes,' she explains. 'And when I got sworn in as secretary, I wore a ribbon skirt because it's more universal. It speaks for all Native women. The skirt had the corn design, because that's what Pueblo people do: We grow corn. So that was important for me.' A few days after Haaland took office, the designer of the skirt, Agnes Woodward of ReeCreeations, posted a photo of the historic moment on Instagram with a long, emotional caption. 'Today not just as a ribbon skirt maker but as an Indigenous woman…I feel so seen.'"

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