SF Reporter: Terran Last Gun


Santa Fe Reporter, May 29, 2019

For his self-titled run, which he'll show at Hecho a Mano starting this week, Last Gun sought influence back home.

"It's inspired by how home follows you and, specifically, the Blackfoot painted lodges, which were pretty rare within my tribe," he explains. "[The paintings] were on the exterior of the lodge, and usually the owner received [the imagery] through a dream. It was broken into three parts: the bottom, being the land, the mountains; the middle, being whatever that authority is, like an animal, a bird or a natural water element; and the top, the sky world and cosmologies, the … stars, clouds, rains."

Last Gun says the lodges and their paintings would eventually wear out over time, and his people would "give it back to the sun" before recreating it all over again. "It was alive, in a sense," he says. "And no one dared replicate a lodge without permission of the owner."

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