Albuquerque Journal North: Hecho a Mano Grand Opening


Albuquerque Journal North, March 24, 2019 

“I think once you get to a place where you have that momentum going, at least for me, I either get a little anxious – like what’s the next thing – or (want to) take it into another arena and go deeper,” said Rose. “What I was feeling like was I wasn’t spending enough time with clients and artists … . I realized I needed to go small and spend more time with people.”

“I think so many times art can get disassociated from its maker,” said Rose. “And we tend to see it in a vacuum because a lot of places don’t connect the artist to the maker. You see the object and it’s great, but somebody made that. So, Hecho a Mano is sort of a call to that ethos. That somebody made this; this was made by hand. I don’t want a lot of things to be under glass. I want people to be able to touch things. I want that connection.”

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