SF Reporter: Daniel Hernández: Querida Mortem


Santa Fe Reporter, February 5, 2019

"Take 2017's "Santuario Postmortem," wherein a bird seems to be stealing a flame from a candle. A halo of human teeth surrounds the piece as if our perspective places us inside a mouth, someplace near the jaw; below and outside the main frame, a death's-head hawkmoth spreads its wings, though lines nearby may hint that the moth itself is dead and ready to be pinned. Birds are common in Hernández' work, and there's a rather occult-ish feel to a wide swath of their appearances (though this could be chalked up to my very American sense of death). Fish appear regularly as well, displayed in all of their scaly, wriggly glory, represented realistically. Hundreds of hours must go into the prep and execution, but it's still fun for Hernández."

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