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Pasatiempo: Terran Last Gun's serigraph prints
Last Gun’s art looks ultra-modern, the kind of pieces that would splash any room with clean-lined cheer. But whether or not people pick up on the stories he’s telling, his focus is on the perpetuation of ancient imagery in a contemporary way.
SF Reporter: Terran Last Gun
As for the decision to use serigraphs (an ink-on-paper technique similar to silk screening, the most famous of which may be Warhol's portrait of Marilyn Monroe or his Campbell's Soup can), Last Gun says the he finds the medium enticing as a piece of labor-intensive fine art, as a way to make multiple original editions by hand, and as a great artistic leveler.
A Creative Excuse #6: Terran Last Gun
Terran Last Gun is an artist and Amskapi Piikani (Blackfeet) citizen of Montana working in Santa Fe, NM. He is a recipient of the Santa Fe Art Institute, 2018 Story Maps Fellowship, and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, 2016 Goodman Aspiring Artist Fellowship.

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