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Mikayla Patton

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Native Max: Mikayla Patton
For Patton, the materials, textures, tears, and uneven edges of the paper and body many healing actions. “On the surface, I have taken aspects of Lakota geometric symbolism to thread together personal and traditional forms,” she explains. “The paper is burned into, cut out, and embossed, and only a few possess color, but all reflect honest cultural importance.”
Santa Fe Reporter: SFR Digital-ish Picks
"I was planning on having quite a few pieces done, but then my residency [at the School for Advanced Research] started and I ended up putting a lot of things on the back burner," Mikayla Patton (Oglala Lakota) tells SFR, as if the works in her upcoming Hecho a Mano show aren't enough on their own—or aren't incredible.

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