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Pasatiempo: Kat Kinnick at Hecho a Mano
A reverence for nature permeates the work of artist Kat Kinnick, whose depictions of New Mexico wildlife are rendered with an expressive, playful aesthetic. Kinnick’s works combine reductive landscape elements and detailed realism.
A Creative Excuse #23: Kat Kinnick
Kat Kinnick is a multi-disciplinary artist based near Lone Butte & the Cerrillos Mountains, south of Santa Fe. Her work is a celebration of the unique ecology in New Mexico, and it’s abundant diversity.
Artist Video: Kat Kinnick
Depicting wildlife and wilderness of the high desert of New Mexico, Kat Kinnick works to create a culture of fondness & connectedness to our natural world. The artist says, “creating culture through art is like creating a value system. My work represents my heart and my values. I feel that if we paid better attention to our wild plants and animals, and were more connected to them, then we’d live in a healthier world.”
SF Reporter: Prints and Poppers
"I made these [works] out of a love for the wildlife of New Mexico and their exquisite beauty. I feel at home here in New Mexico," Kinnick tells SFR. "A big part of that comes from my love for plants, landscape and wildlife."

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