Ian Kuali'i

Ian Kuali'i

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THE Magazine: Preview: Ian Kuali'i
"I wanted to figure out a way to develop my own visual language that spoke to my Native Hawaiian culture—and how personal that is, too, as a modern Hawaiian."
Pasatiempo: Talismans for the sacred mountain: Artist Ian Kuali'i
“What’s happening right now in Hawaii, our family and our nation are trying to protect our sacred mountain, Mauna Kea,” he said. “It’s part of our creation story,” he said. “It’s where Papa and Wakea, the heavens and the earth, converged and then created human existence, or life as we know it. But our religion aside, how can you justify building an 18-story structure on a culturally sensitive place in a conservation district?”
Albuquerque Journal North: Ian Kuali'i: The Kindest Cut
Ian Kuali’i fell in love with the process of the cut. It started with stencil-making, when the Hawaiian artist with a graffiti background decided to pursue a professional career. But rather than using stencils for spray-painting, he became more interested in them as the actual art form.
A Creative Excuse #3: Ian Kuali'i
Ian Kuali'i is a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and Apache mixed-media artist residing in Santa Fe, NM. His work has been shown globally in addition to a solo show at Hecho a Mano.

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