Carlos Mérida (1891 - 1985)

Carlos Mérida (1891 - 1985)

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ARTFORUM: Carlos Mérida
"Matte colors—forest green, banana yellow, tan, cobalt blue—swirl beneath thick black lines, accentuating forms that slip in and out of coherent representation: almost-fetal twins, snakes, rivers, legs, a lightning bolt, faces in profile, pipes, and birds."
SF Reporter: Revisiting the Popol-Vuh
"In certain ways, [Mérida's version] is more accurate," Hecho a Mano owner Frank Rose tells SFR. "They're living stories. So putting it into a visual form puts it back into seeing this abstract realization of these characters, these beings."
Carlos Mérida's Mujeres
Mérida’s paintings of indigenous women exemplified the manner in which an artist could use the “essential” aspects of painting to express the visual and material characteristics of his subjects.
Carlos Merida's Estampas del Popol Vuh
Mérida took a Maya sacred text, the Popol vuh, as the inspiration for a set of ten lithographs that appeared as a portfolio in 1943. The portfolio layered the lithographs with translucent pages printed with relevant fragments of text from the Popol vuh in both Spanish and English.

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