Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson

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In the Studio With Anna Johnson
Last year we paid a visit to Anna Johnson's North Carolina studio. Here's a little video and photos from the day!
A Creative Excuse #26: Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson is a studio artist, craftswomen and educator residing in Asheville, NC. Her work revolves around the question of where and why our culture perceives value by creating jewelry with raw elements from directly from the natural world.
Artist Video: Anna Johnson
A look into the work of Anna Johnson, a nationally acclaimed studio jeweller based in Asheville North Carolina. Since graduating from the Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design BFA at Appalachian State University in Boone she has gone on to be featured in a variety of contemporary crafts journals and publications.
Metalsmith Magazine: Anna Johnson: Honoring Nature Through Adornment
“My jewelry is in tribute to holistic life cycle, intra-nature relationships, and nature-human connectivity.”

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