Rufino Tamayo (1899 - 1991)

Perro (5/50), 1975
Color lithograph
22 x 30 in (55.88 x 76.20 cm)
A barking, wide-mouthed mongrel dog is a subject Rufino Tamayo, an indigenous Mexican artist, often revisited. Tamayo is a Mexican artist of Mesoamerican Indian descent, who combines European painting styles and Mexican folk motifs in his paintings and prints. He was concerned with form and symbolism, and combining Mexican styles with Cubism and Surrealism. The saturated color, simplified forms and earth-like textures reveals the artist's indigenous roots and also his interest in simple modern subject matter. Color lithograph, 1975. 560x760 mm; 22x30 inches, full margins. Signed and numbered 5/50 in white pencil, lower margin. Printed and published by Polígrafa, Barcelona. From Rufino Tamayo 15 Litografías. A very good impression. Pereda 138.
Perro by Rufino Tamayo (1899 - 1991)