Rufino Tamayo (1899 - 1991)

Galaxia (66/100), 1977
Color Mixografía
20 x 47.25 in (50.80 x 120.02 cm)
Color Mixografía, 1977. 510x1200 mm; 20x47¼ inches (sheet), full margins. Signed and numbered 66/100 in white crayon, lower margin. Printed and published by Taller de Gráfica Mexicana, Mexico City. A superb impression of this large, scarce print with strong colors. Pereda 242.

Tamayo was not only the first artist to work with Mixografia, but he was one of the most prolific and worked with the studio on over 80 prints throughout his career. His work in the medium continued his thematic preference of highlighting his Zapotec heritage— the works were simple in composition, often highlighting the sun, moon and earth. The Mixografia technique allowed the materiality of the print to shine—texture and color became the focal point as much as the subject matter. 

Galaxia is the perfect example of this. The schematic constellations are evocative of the crispness of the desert sky at night, while still being graphic in handling. The saturation of the pink fading to purple and blue gives the work an ethereal quality. 

Galaxia is a large scale print, but it was not the largest Mixografia ever made. Tamayo was consistently pushing the boundaries of the medium—his work Dos Personajes Atacados Por Perros, is over 7 feet long. It utilized the largest lithography stone ever produced, which is still on display at Mixografia’s studios.

Mixografia | A Brief History | Art Without Boundaries
In 1973, the Rembas invited Rufino Tamayo to create a series of prints at Taller de Gráfica Mexicana (the precursor to Mixografia®) in Mexico City.  This collaboration was what led to the invention of the Mixografia® printing technique. Mixografia went on to publish over 80 editions with Tamayo.

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Galaxia by Rufino Tamayo (1899 - 1991)

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