Ángel Bracho (1911 - 2005)

Caida de Tenochtitlán, 1960
offset lithograph
11 x 16 in (27.94 x 40.64 cm)
This offset lithograph from the portfolio "450 Years of Struggle: Homage to the Mexican People" reproduces a linocut by Bracho depicting the continuing ravages of exploitation of indigenous peoples by the Iberian presence in Mexico. A menacing conquistador in full armor and equally caparisoned horse compels a peasant family, in non-ancient Mesoamericano costume, to keep moving forward and away from home. An Aztec temple can be seen in the far ground.

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Caida de Tenochtitlán by Ángel Bracho (1911 - 2005)
Caida de Tenochtitlán by Ángel Bracho (1911 - 2005)

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