Canyon Road is unfortunately not very accessible.


Hecho a Mano is at the very top of Canyon which give us a few advantages. There in one (free) accessible parking spot at the top of Alameda at Palace Ave., one block from the gallery. The sidewalk ends abruptly before reaching the gallery.


There are three accessible parking spots in the private parking lot ($5/hour parking) next to the Teahouse which is across the street from the gallery. The sidewalk goes most of the way and then one would be required to cross the street to access the ramp to the gallery. See the images below for Canyon Road lot parking.


The nearest accessible bathroom is in The Teahouse, across the street. Enter the building on the Palace Ave side as there are steps on the side facing the parking lot.


We have a ramp that will be installed on the west side of the gallery (bottom image) for every opening, and can be installed on demand. Please call us to let us know if you would like it set up for your arrival. The rise is 10" and the ramp is 6' long and is 30" wide.


There is a small room in the back of the gallery with a 9" step and a 30" wide doorway.



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