A Creative Excuse #19: Sydney Cooper


Sydney Cooper was born in the 60's in Los Angeles, California - the child of a Japanese and Jewish family. In one neighborhood she lived in as a teen there were families newly arrived from Vietnam, Marines from a nearby military base, long time Mexican Californians, newly arrived Mexican and central American immigrants, Low-riders, Surfers, Military families of Vietnam veterans, Bike gang members, Mormons, Samoans, and that was just on one street!

This lineage and the question of how cultures, time and place intersect has influenced her longtime interest in ideas of the hybrid, cross-disciplinary practices, and the way our cultural and historical origins create distinctive ways of being. Sydney studied on the east coast further broadening her influences and received a degree in liberal arts at Bennington College in Vermont. Since then Sydney has lived in San Francisco, Paris, New York, Woodstock, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Chimayo and Santa Fe New Mexico.


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