A Creative Excuse #3: Ian Kuali'i


Ian Kuali’i is a mixed-media artist raised in Maui, Hawaii. Drawing inspiration from his Apache and Native Hawaiian heritage, Kuali’i addresses themes of urban decay through murals, large-scale hand-cut paper works, prints, and earthworks/land art. “My hand-cut method,” says Kuali’i, “is a meditative process of ‘destroying to create’ [and explores] ideas of indigeneity, modern progress, biodiversity, and the foundation of one’s own history. As a mid-career artist, my art practice has evolved into a reflection of my personal journey, a dichotomy between urban grit and ancestral spirit, chaotic energy and refined control, ultimately unifying the delicate and rough in symbiotic representation.” See his work on Instagram @iankualii.

See Ian Kuali'is works 

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