Zachery Lechtenberg


Zachery Lechtenberg
A master of the champlevé enameling technique, Zachery Lechtenberg produces graphically bold contemporary jewelry. His images range from humorous and playful to dark and mildly unsettling. A multi-talented designer, he has also produced packaging for his jewelry as well as plates, t-shirts, ashtrays, boxes, stickers, postcards, and other useful and decorative items. He is especially interested in bringing a new, more youthful audience to the contemporary jewelry field and he sees imagery based in popular culture as a means of achieving that goal. An exceptionally imaginative metalsmith and designer, Lechtenberg uses the saw and solder champlevé technique to create traditional jewelry forms, such as brooches and necklaces with distinctly non-traditional imagery. Inspired by street art, cartoons, comic books, and all aspects of popular culture, his brightly colored subjects are funny, raw, gutsy, and wonderfully strange. His other sources of influence include animated television programs such as The Simpsons; the work of Japanese contemporary artists Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Murakami; the Pencil Brothers – Ken Cory and Les LePere – and the work of his friend and mentor Robert Ebendorf. Beyond the influence of popular culture, there is a personal narrative and rich, layered content in much of Lechtenberg’s work. Whether questioning his own personal life decisions or celebrating the ties that bind him to a larger artistic community, Lechtenberg explores a wide array of ideas and issues in his highly complex compositions.