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Paula Wilson

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A Creative Excuse #8: Paula Wilson, Mike Lagg, & Kara Duval
Paula Wilson & Mike Lagg are artists living in Carrizozo, NM where they founded MoMAZoZo, an art space and residency program. Kara Duval is a dancer and bodyworker in Santa Fe, NM.
Southwest Contemporary: Paula Wilson and Mike Lagg
Paula Wilson and Mike Lagg live in Carrizozo, New Mexico, a town of about nine hundred residents, located north of White Sands. Paula, who arrived there ten years ago by way of Chicago and New York, and Mike, who settled in the area over thirty years ago, are mainstays of the art community in the region. They each have thriving individual art practices as well as collaborative projects that include the Carrizozo Artist in Residency Program, an arts organization called MoMAZoZo, and the stewardship of three historic buildings in the heart of downtown Carrizozo.

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