Lindsay Locatelli

Lindsay Locatelli

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A Creative Excuse #25: Lindsay Locatelli
Lindsay is a jewelry artist based in Longmont, CO. Her jewelry is wearable art; inviting the viewer to interact as the user and observer.
Artist Video: Lindsay Locatelli
Lindsay Locatelli creates jewelry pieces that resonate with her as an artist, often flying in the face of the mainstream jewelry market. Using polymer clay as her medium, Locatelli’s jewelry is bold, colorful and eye-catching.
Meet Your Makers: Lindsay Locatelli
Lindsay Locatelli's works are created solely by hand by using a wide variety of materials and techniques, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Locatelli’s processes include the hand fabrication of silver components, sculpting and carving of materials (wood and polymer clay), surface finishing (painting, application of gold leaf), and the assembling and completion of the work.

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