David Sloan


David Sloan
Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico of Dine and Anglo backgrounds has taught me that access to and passion for Native knowledge isn’t common. My daily life attending public schools in Santa Fe did not involve much native culture. As an artist I’ve developed an interest in Dine and other Native issues. Dine and Tohono Oodam language and heritage has been a useful resource to put in my art. This can involve naming objects in Dine Language or creating native themes. Education in contemporary art such as conceptual, expressionism, abstract, and pop art have influenced my style. I often combine modern styles with old Navajo sandpainting type imagery and symbolism to reference a spiritual importance to the natural world and to speak to a new generation of viewers. Themes also incorporate my environmental perspective in which I view capitalism and colonialism with cynicism. I use oil and acrylic painting, printmaking, collage, drawing, and jewelry making to express my evolving cultural and environmental perspectives. My paintings can include colorful abstract backgrounds with in-focus real and/or mythical animals and modern objects in the foreground. My art addresses the mixing of cultures and aims to remind people of our connection to nature. I would like to be able to experience more Dine culture and to share it through art.